what happens when you leave your dog alone

Leave your dog alone and he will be fine by himself, well that is not true at all. Dogs deeply care about their owners and they deserves the same. They are obedient, cute and very loyal to their owners that is why billions of people love them back. And its not that simple and easy for them when you leave them alone.

when you leave your dog alone

Even if you are leaving them for a minute they will look at you like you are leaving them forever. Their eyes will widen they will bark, howl or begin to whimper. They start getting stressed once they get to know that you are leaving. For the majority of the dogs the first thirty minutes when you leave your dog alone are very stressful. For others this stress will last forever until you come back.

Stress can lead to the destructive behavior. They chew everything they get, howl, try to escape, dig and some even urinate on the floor to relieve stress. Some dogs become agitated when their owner leaves. This is called dog separation anxiety. There are many ways to deal with dog separation anxiety but its not too simple.

How to deal with dog separation anxiety

  • Teach your dog to be left alone at early age.
  • Have another dog around, but consult with your veterinarian first. It could make things worst as it depends on the temperament of the dogs.
  • Make your dog tired before leaving home. Physical activities helps them to release the stress and they can be up for a nap while you are away.
  • Get more dog toys as its a great distraction for them and they will be less destructive.

You can teach your dog to be alone and fine at young age (3 – 14 weeks) . But this is a slow process and its never a good idea to leave your dog alone for longer period.

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