How to keep your dog healthy

How to keep your dog healthy?

Healthy dog means happy dog, and happy dog means happy us. To keep your dog healthy and happy, check out the mentioned tips below and thank us later.

Because nutrition is the key!

Optimum nutrition is the basic key for keeping our four-legged friend fit. Right diet results happy tummy and happy mind and of course it reflects on dog’s skin, weight, energy and mood. Always opt for the high-quality organic dog food that is made of natural and healthy ingredients, multi-vitamins and minerals.

2. Say Yes to Routine exercise!

Dogs need at least 1 hour exercise per day, depending on the age, breed and size. Proper diet leads to generate energy and this energy is needed to be released in terms of some exercises, hence a suitable exercise with a daily followed routine is mandatory for the better health of your dog. Take them for regular walks, it helps to freshen up their mind.

De-stress your most faithful friend

Identify their favorite activity that they enjoy most, and make it a part of their regular activity. Get them a relaxing bath with grooming shampoo or a soothing massage and see the magic in their mood.

Regular check-ups are necessary!

Prevention is always better than the cure, well, this is true in case of their health also. Keeping a regular check on his skin, eyes, ears, mouth and teeth can actually help you to analyse the health of your loving dog. Ensure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date. Ideally, routine check-ups should be performed by your veterinarian twice a year.

They deserve to be well-groomed!

Our pets are special and they deserve a special treatment.  Regular trimming, brushing and bathing are important activities. They don’t ask anything, but deserve everything! Read this article for more  Dog grooming tips.

PupsBayHow to keep your dog healthy

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