Dog grooming tips

Dog grooming is important to keep your pet clean and healthy. You certainly don’t want a dog around you who smells a bit ripe. You don’t have to do it every day. There are some basic things which includes dog grooming like brushing, bathing, trimming nails, haircuts etc.

Dog grooming tips

If you do not have any routine set than its perfectly fine. You can start small.


You don’t have to bathe your dog daily. Expert says once a week is fine. Use the shampoo which is formulated for dogs only. Avoid using the regular shampoo.


It depends on the growth of the hair of your dog has. If your dog has longer hair than you need to do it daily otherwise once a week or twice a month is fine. It will also help you to keep your house clean and you will not find dog hair everywhere.


Its also the a part of brushing. Check for ticks as you brush. Prefer using a rubber brush and also use grooming spray which makes the brushing easy.


If your dog not really active than you need to trim its nails on regular basis. Train your dog from very young age so they don’t feel fear doing it. Its a tough job to do and if you are not really comfortable with it than we recommend to take them to professionals. Use a clipper which is designed for this purpose avoid using toenail clippers. A rotatory trimmer will be slow but an good option. And do it at a quiet place so your dog does not jump when it hears some noise or someone visits.

Some other tips

And there are some more points like use lukewarm water while bathing them, rinse them well, check the ears, try a bath toy and if you use the dryer than set it on low heat.

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