Dog care tips

Dog Care

A man’s best friend, this is the title that has been given to this wonderful creature. And here by “man” we mean “us the humans” (both male and female).
Dogs are the wonderful addition to the family but whether you are an experienced pet parent or you are going to pet a dog for first time, it’s important to take your companion’s health and happiness on priority.
And here are some useful tips on dog care:


It’s always recommended to feed them quality food which is made for dogs only. Limit the “people food” as it can result in mineral and vitamin imbalance, teeth and bones problem may occur. Be sure to wash their dishes frequently, clean and fresh water should be available all the time. And this is how you feed them:

• 8 – 12 weeks old: four meals a day.
• 3 to 6 months old: three meals a day.
• 6 months or older: two meals a day.


Dog care also includes exercise. It burn calories, stimulate their minds, and help them to stay healthy. It also helps your pet to avoid boredom, which leads them to destructive behavior.


Keep your pet clean and frequent brushing will help to reduce shedding. Check for fleas and ticks. Comb or cut out all mats from coat before bathing them.


To lift a large dog, do it from underside. Support his chest with one arm and then his rear end with the other arm. To carry a small dog or puppy never try to grab them by the forelegs or tail or back of the neck. Just place one hand under the chest and other hand or forearm supporting the hind legs and rump.


Wash the dog’s bedding often. Your pet will need a warm and quiet place to rest. It should be away from all drafts and off the floor. A dog bed or training crate is ideal. Blanket and pillow should be clean. And if your dog spend a lot of time outdoors than make sure he has the access to the plenty of cool water in hot weather and warm and dry shelter in cold weather.


Medication is also a part of dog care. Never give your dog any self-prescribed medication. Always get in touch with your veterinarian. A regular check on the dog’s health is always recommended. Never miss any medication when your puppy is very young. And make sure your dog has a habit not to eat anything from the dirt if it eats anything poisonous get in touch with your veterinarian immediately.

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